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S1 E5

Energy Minute: The Next Step to Net Zero is Hourly Tracking

This Energy Minute episode is about obtaining the best available data to inform your energy decisions. Tracking energy and by extension, carbon data by the hour provides granular-level insights you can’t get from a monthly utility bill. By switching from monthly to hourly emissions reporting, energy procurement and ESG/sustainability teams gain a deeper understanding of their firm’s carbon mix—consumption versus energy sources—and can monitor their decarbonization progress more effectively.

S1 E4

Leveraging sustainability storytelling to build brand affinity with Suzanne Shelton

In this lively interview with Lincoln, Suzanne Shelton of the Shelton Group shares why Americans are more concerned about ocean plastics than climate change and what companies focused on decarbonization should do to build brand affinity and market share. Tune in for insights on how to make your sustainability or decarbonization initiatives more understandable and appealing.

S1 E3

Energy Minute: Sustainable Power by the Hour with Load Matching

On this Energy Minute episode, Dana and Steven look at the practice of load matching, an emerging sustainability practice focused on companies making the energy they use align with the clean energy they procure, hour by hour.

S1 E2

Taking Data Centers to Net Zero with Iron Mountain’s Chris Pennington

In this episode, host Lincoln Payton dives deep into decarbonization with Chris Pennington, Director of Energy and Sustainability at Iron Mountain Data Centers, to understand the more ambitious goal, and how Iron Mountain is using hourly energy and carbon data as the foundation to match supply with consumption and help the company meet its emission goals.

S1 E1

Energy Minute: Demystifying RECs & Their Role in Net Zero Goals

How can businesses and individuals offset their carbon footprint and support clean energy? Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) have been the key—and are the topic of the first Energy Minute brought to you by Cleartrace.

S1 E0

Introducing: The Decarbonization Race with Lincoln Payton

It's not enough to think about what it takes to be more sustainable. It's time to act. The real question is, who will lead the pack in saving our planet? The Decarbonization Race is an original podcast from Cleartrace for ESG and sustainability leaders ready to go beyond 100% renewable, beyond the bare minimum, and truly make an impact. Host Lincoln Payton, CEO of Cleartrace, is a passionate executive leader with over a decade of experience in the energy sector. He explores what organizations are doing around the globe to set the pace for true net zero leadership—seeking the answer to his question.

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