Hit your goals and prove your impact with carbon intelligence

Harness the best available data so you can mitigate risk of greenwashing, make tangible climate progress, and prove your impact.

The Cleartrace path to proactive carbon management


Connect and measure

Automate energy and emissions data collection

Ditch stale and generic emissions data. Leverage streaming data integrations to get a deeper understanding of your operational emissions.

Baseline and benchmark

Understand your footprint. We convert your energy consumption data into an accurate picture of your carbon footprint.

Create a single source of truth

Monitor your Scope 1 and 2 emissions – the emissions you own and control – in one place. Provide similar monitoring to your suppliers to help decarbonize their operations. Unify supplier data, on-site generation, storage, grid-procured or directly-procured energy, consumption, renewable energy certificates/energy attribute certificates, and more.


Drive towards your decarbonization goals

Evaluate current and future projects

Analyze Energy Efficiency projects, RECs, offsets and available decarbonization pathways including PPAs, onsite generation, etc. against your goals, GHG Protocol, and RE100 standards.

Explore next-generation procurement methodologies

Compare projects against emissionality and 24/7 carbon-free/renewable energy goals to meet decarbonization goals and establish sustainability leadership.

Understand your sites, regions, and your entire portfolio

Assess your portfolio for opportunities for decarbonization. Monitor and optimize your total carbon impact and drill down into your emissions based on facilities, regions, property types, and more.


Verify and communicate your progress

Socialize success

Engage your stakeholders and provide accurate, bankable proof of your sustainability achievements.

Create a digital audit trail

Ditch the spreadsheet. Reduce risk with audit-ready data. 

Verify progress to goals

Stand by your sustainability claims. Cleartrace’s energy and decarbonization data protects your reputation and PR efforts with permission-accessible and transparent data.

Future-proof your carbon accounting strategy

Cleartrace is different because we were built to process data at the most granular levels, so we are uniquely positioned to help you advance your data quality standards  – when it makes sense for your business. Be ready for evolving reporting standards, updates to EAC/REC tracking, local regulations, and more.

Let us do the heavy lifting

During our proven four-phase onboarding process, your data concierge team will take you through a tailored onboarding, implementation, and reporting process.

Reporting consistent with Greenhouse Gas Protocols, 24/7 Carbon Free Energy Methodology, EnergyTag,  TCFD, GRESB, CDP, SASB and GRI

Take the first step toward understanding the carbon impact of your energy portfolio.

Whether it is annually, quarterly, monthly or hourly, Cleartrace can help you get the data you need to prove your progress toward decarbonization.

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