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S1 E10

Driving Sustainability Progress in Real Estate with Cortland’s Cass McFadden

Technological innovation around energy efficiency and sourcing renewable energy are enabling significant sustainability gains in the real estate sector. In this episode of The Decarbonization Race podcast, Cass McFadden, Global Head of Sustainability at Cortland, discusses the spectrum of real estate sustainability challenges - notably those arising when a company doesn't own the properties it manages - and shares accomplishments and experiences from her previous role at Bozzuto Group, where she was working at the time of this conversation.

S1 E9

Energy Minute: Carbon Accounting Strategies: Location-Based vs. Market-Based

There are 2 core approaches when it comes to counting emissions from procured electricity (i.e., Scope 2 emissions): market-based and location-based carbon accounting. Is one better than the other? How can you use each (or both) to your benefit when working toward your clean energy goals? In this Energy Minute, Dana and Steve discuss the pros and cons of both methods, and how granular carbon accounting data fits in, so you can assess how best to work toward your net zero goals

S1 E8

Architecting Global Decarbonization with Open Earth Foundation’s Martin Wainstein

Recorded on the eve of the latest annual gathering on climate change – the United Nations’ 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) – Martin Wainstein of Open Earth Foundation joins The Decarbonization Race podcast to explain how global digital platforms to track emissions and climate change mitigation efforts are slowly moving through the crucible of international policy formulation. What emerges is a revealing look at the practicalities of crafting solutions that can help save our planet.

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