Create value from your green achievements

Create a carbon system of record to support your clean energy usage and corresponding emissions claims.

Hydrogen and Ammonia Production

  • Prepare for regulatory requirements and help qualify for incentives by automatically tracking and tracing the energy value chain of your chemical production
  • Prove out the emissions impact of electrolytic hydrogen for pink and green hydrogen production
  • Connect and digitally store data to understand carbon emissions of grid procured, offsite, and onsite renewable energy

Leased Office Space

  • Make your sustainability achievements your competitive edge for your office space to appeal to priority tenants
  • Equip facility managers and sustainability teams with sub-metered energy and carbon reporting from a digital portal
  • Monitor and tenant electricity usage and manage their reporting experience

Data Center Hosting

  • Market the carbon impact of your collocated data center spaceĀ 
  • Provide your tenants with automated, transparent reporting down to the sub-meter
  • Give your tenants visibility into the source and chain-of-custody of the renewable energy consumed by their data center usage

Crypto Mining

  • If you are producing green bitcoin, back it up with credible data
  • Digitally organize your RECs, Grid-procured, Offsite, and Onsite power and match them to your coin
  • Equip your sales team with receipts and proof of sustainability achievements

Have another use case?

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Transparency for your entire value chain

Regardless of how regulations materialize, get accurate data to enable audit-ready receipts of the carbon impact of your products.

Verify your emissions claims with the best available data

Whether it is annually, quarterly, monthly or hourly, Cleartrace can help you get the data you need to prove the carbon impact of your products.

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