Differentiate your renewable energy solutions with carbon services

Modernize your organization’s data flow – meet the rising needs of customers and regulatory requirements and inform decarbonization decisions

Enable carbon-aware energy procurement

Meet customers where they are in the sustainability journey. Appeal to priority customers by helping them understand performance across multiple carbon and environmental metrics.

Differentiate and market your offerings 

Increase conversions and stand out in the sales process by connecting your clean energy products with how they support your customers’ sustainability goals at a range of maturity levels

Upgrade your customer experience at scale

Provide customers with a digital customer experience with “receipts” of carbon reduction and clean energy use with customer dashboards and reports

Engage and retain existing customers

Create a differentiated customer experience with a digital customer reporting application bringing together data from a range of decarbonization programs (green energy products, green tariffs, etc.), instead of a static monthly settlement sheet

Improve internal operations

Reduce risk and increase efficiency associated with compliance, customer engagement, and data management

Centralize and streamline reporting

Manage your RECs, offsets, generation and customer consumption data so you can visualize your contracts, reconcile generation and delivery, and manage carbon risk

Package and showcase performance 

Integrate carbon data for easier integration into your internal ESG reporting, and better position your company to engage stakeholders and the market to establish decarbonization leadership for your company and its offerings

Getting started with Cleartrace

Getting started with Cleartrace is simple. With a dedicated data concierge team and proven process, you’ll always know you’re on the right track. And once you’re live, support is just a click away.

Enable your sales force with carbon intelligence

Help your customers understand the price and carbon tradeoffs and proactively manage their climate goals.

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