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S1 E9

Energy Minute: Carbon Accounting Strategies: Location-Based vs. Market-Based

There are 2 core approaches when it comes to counting emissions from procured electricity (i.e., Scope 2 emissions): market-based and location-based carbon accounting. Is one better than the other? How can you use each (or both) to your benefit when working toward your clean energy goals? In this Energy Minute, Dana and Steve discuss the pros and cons of both methods, and how granular carbon accounting data fits in, so you can assess how best to work toward your net zero goals

S1 E8

Architecting Global Decarbonization with Open Earth Foundation’s Martin Wainstein

Recorded on the eve of the latest annual gathering on climate change – the United Nations’ 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) – Martin Wainstein of Open Earth Foundation joins The Decarbonization Race podcast to explain how global digital platforms to track emissions and climate change mitigation efforts are slowly moving through the crucible of international policy formulation. What emerges is a revealing look at the practicalities of crafting solutions that can help save our planet.

S1 E7

Energy Minute: Untangling 100% Renewable vs. 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Goals

Why do are forward-leaning companies centering their decarbonization strategy around 24/7 carbon-free energy? How is it different from a 100% renewable energy target? This episode of The Decarbonization Race revisits fundamental concepts on renewable energy (including RECs), looks at the difference in these two models, and explains why hourly data is critical to meeting 100% decarbonization goals.

S1 E6

Global Trends: ESG Investing in the Built Environment with GRESB’s Dan Winters

In this episode of The Decarbonization Race, Dan Winters, Senior Director at GRESB, explains how efforts to provide high-quality ESG data on real estate and infrastructure-focused funds are rapidly moving forward, and how the framework and theoretical basis to gather both high-quality and far-ranging data is taking shape at GRESB.

S1 E5

Energy Minute: The Next Step to Net Zero is Hourly Tracking

This Energy Minute episode is about obtaining the best available data to inform your energy decisions. Tracking energy and by extension, carbon data by the hour provides granular-level insights you can’t get from a monthly utility bill. By switching from monthly to hourly emissions reporting, energy procurement and ESG/sustainability teams gain a deeper understanding of their firm’s carbon mix—consumption versus energy sources—and can monitor their decarbonization progress more effectively.

S1 E4

Leveraging sustainability storytelling to build brand affinity with Suzanne Shelton

In this lively interview with Lincoln, Suzanne Shelton of the Shelton Group shares why Americans are more concerned about ocean plastics than climate change and what companies focused on decarbonization should do to build brand affinity and market share. Tune in for insights on how to make your sustainability or decarbonization initiatives more understandable and appealing.

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