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S2 E6

Energy Minute: Inside the Global Push to Accelerate and Deliver “Green Steel”

As more and more industries are pushing to decarbonize their processes - and in the process, help curb emissions for companies’ supply chains - green steel is trending. Automakers, builders and companies in a range of other sectors are under pressure to reduce the embodied carbon in their products. But delivering “green steel” means both changing processes that have been in place for decades, and agreeing on what constitutes zero-carbon or near-zero carbon steel. In this Energy Minute, co-hosts Dana Dohse and Steven Goldman delve into the push for green steel - what’s driving it, where early demand is coming from, what process changes are making significant cuts in steel’s embodied carbon emissions possible, and the big challenges ahead in taking green steel to sufficient scale.

S2 E5

Decarbonizing The “Forgotten Wedge” of Thermal Energy in Industrial Sectors with Blaine Collison

To create the products and grow the food we eat, the industrial sector requires a lot of thermal energy—heating and cooling—which today represents approximately 13% of total U.S. emissions. However, tackling this “forgotten wedge” of the emissions mix to slow climate change requires a range of approaches and policies beyond electrification. Tackling this difficult challenge is Blaine Collison, Executive Director at the Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) and a renewable energy & sustainability professional looking for ways to decarbonize our industrial sectors.

S2 E4

Energy Minute: Unpacking the Inflation Reduction Act’s Clean Energy Framework with Environmental Defense Fund’s Michael Panfil

In this Energy Minute, co-hosts Dana Dohse and Steven Goldman are joined by Michael Panfil, Senior Director & Lead Counsel for Climate Risk & Clean Energy at Environmental Defense Fund, to unpack the clean energy provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act and its potential to accelerate clean energy and transform our energy infrastructure, with huge potential impacts for communities and corporations alike.

S2 E3

Leveling Up Employee Engagement & ESG Leadership with Susan Hunt Stevens

In this episode, Susan Hunt Stevens, CEO of WeSpire, shares with host Lincoln Payton ways in which businesses can energize employees by actively including them in ESG initiatives, develop ESG maturity models, and inspire workers to find the courage to combat the climate crisis.

S2 E2

Energy Minute: Peninsula Clean Energy’s Ambitious Pursuit of 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy

In this Energy Minute, Dana and Steven jump into how California utility Peninsula Clean Energy decided to reach for a more ambitious strategy - to provide 100% renewable energy matched every hour, the first U.S. energy supplier to do so - and how it plans to continue to advance the strategy further in years to come.

S2 E1

Decarbonizing a Manhattan Skyscraper with Brookfield Properties’ Michael Daschle

On our season premiere, Michael Daschle, SVP of Sustainability at Brookfield Properties, joins Lincoln to share how the company’s push to decarbonize its commercial real estate portfolio led to powering Brookfield’s flagship New York City property, One Manhattan West, with 24/7 carbon-free energy. Michael dives into Brookfield’s vision and approach to ESG, how to get the tenants on board with Brookfield’s investments in sustainability, sourcing 100% renewable electricity, and Brookfield’s plans for the future.

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