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S2 E13

Creating Sustainable Infrastructure-as-a-Service with Generate Capital’s Nam Nguyen

Generate Capital was founded in 2014 with an unusual approach: invest, operate and maintain a range of sustainable infrastructure assets for the long term — creating “sustainable infrastructure as a service” — that can provide extended value to investors and customers while yielding lasting environmental, social, and economic benefits. Nam Nguyen, Chief Operating Officer of Generate Capital and a visionary leader in the clean energy sector, joins Lincoln on the podcast to talk about how she and Generate Capital’s team are creating long-term impacts with strategic investments in the sustainable energy, e-mobility, waste and smart cities sectors.

S2 E12

Energy Minute: Get in the Game: Shifting into a Climate, Sustainability or ESG Career with Mike Hower

In this special Earth Day Energy Minute, Mike Hower of Hower Impact joins Dana and Steven to dig into how professionals can transition their existing skills into sustainability and ESG-focused work, the unique challenges and strategies faced when hiring ESG professionals, how the growing climate tech is creating new opportunities, and how those already in ESG roles need to stay ahead of future regulatory requirements for ESG reporting and adoption.

S2 E11

Scaling Up Local Government’s Sustainability Ambitions with Harris County’s Lisa Lin

In this episode, Lincoln is joined by Lisa Lin, who currently serves as the Director of Sustainability for Harris County, Texas, the third-largest county in the United States and home to Houston. Lisa shares how local governments like Harris County can drive change on decarbonization - including the role of driving behavior change in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, how the county is pursuing renewable energy and energy storage to create jobs and add resilience as much as curb emissions, how the county is growing its “solar-ready” status through the Department of Energy's SolSmart program, and how her team is collaborating with both private companies and other local governments to enhance sustainability efforts.

S2 E10

Energy Minute: Growing the Carbon Impact of Renewable Energy through Additionality or Emissionality

In this Energy Minute segment, Dana and Steven look at the concepts of additionality and emissionality, and what they each mean for companies evaluating whether to procure clean energy through financial instruments like RECs or virtual power purchase agreements or working to directly source that power through physical PPAs or local green power/tariff programs.

S2 E9

Growing Clean Energy Jobs & Decarbonizing Low-Income Communities with Nicole Steele, U.S. EPA & DOE

To decarbonize the world, ensuring all homeowners and communities can play a role in adopting clean energy is critical. Nicole Steele, a Senior Advisor for two federal agencies in key areas - leading programs like the National Community Solar Partnership at the U.S. Department of Energy and guiding deployment of the $27 billion Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund at the Environmental Protection Agency - is working to bring clean energy deployment into low-income communities, to grow their use of clean energy and reduce their energy costs, and train new additions to the solar power workforce in the process. In this episode, Nicole shares stories and experiences with Lincoln from the frontline of these efforts - including the range of instruments helping make it happen like financing products and community solar subscriptions - and how we can all play our part.

S2 E8

Energy Minute: Reuse, Repurpose or Recycle – Pathways to Reducing Waste in Key Clean Energy Sectors

In this Energy Minute, co-hosts Dana Dohse and Steven Goldman pull back the lens and take a broader look at the challenges of end-of-life materials pose to the clean energy transition, and how a mix of startups, local governments and heavy industrial companies are finding ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle solar panels, wind blades and turbines and batteries. They provide insights on some of the early efforts - and big funding rounds - underway to close the loop on materials in the clean energy supply chain.

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