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Protecting our climate and our ability to thrive should be good for your business. Our team is passionate about helping our customers differentiate themselves, stay competitive in the long term, and establish lasting products.

Our story

Climate change is pushing businesses to create new paradigms and new ways of operating so they can thrive. And for forward looking companies, it is an opportunity to reimagine how to compete and differentiate in the market. But what do businesses need to do differently in order to begin this journey?

That’s what we asked ourselves back in 2019.  We saw that businesses needed high-quality, auditable energy and carbon data to help them understand where they needed to focus their efforts. Today, Cleartrace is helping companies harness the power of carbon intelligence to redefine how they market and sell in the decarbonized economy. We provide data backed insights and the bankable proof of carbon impact needed to drive business forward.

Our vision

To harness the power of carbon intelligence to make decarbonization progress and prove your impact.

We are in good company.

Our patented 24/7 decarbonization technology is the methodology being championed by leading companies and alliances.

Our leadership team.

Lincoln Payton
Chief Executive Officer
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Troy Martin
Chief Operating Officer
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Patrick Davis
Chief Commercial Officer
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Poormehr Honarmand
Chief Product Officer
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Nicole Sullivan
VP of Sustainability
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Angela Cross
Director of People
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Bobby Astrich
Sr. Director & Head of Product Development
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Our advisors.

Brian Lakamp
Strategic Advisor, Engineering and Technology
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Martin Wainstein
Strategic Advisor
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