Improving emissions for a greener future.

We believe that carbon free energy is essential to the future of our planet.

Our collective path to success.

As global temperatures continue to rise and technology continues to advance, the way energy information is managed has largely remained unchanged. Energy information today is siloed, unvalidated, and not standardized, creating inefficiencies and slowing progress towards global and corporate decarbonization goals.

Cleartrace is disrupting legacy reporting methods by creating and delivering a new standard for how energy and decarbonization information is collected, stored, accessed and transacted. Simply put, we help our customers prove their decarbonization achievements with auditable data. We have built and delivered the energy decarbonization platform that will help us transition to a greener future.

Our vision.

Cleartrace is building the future of a truly informed and decarbonized world through technology that empowers trust, transparency, and integrity.

Our mission.

Empower organizations to understand and intelligently decarbonize their operations.

We are in good company.

Our patented 24/7 decarbonization technology is the methodology being championed by leading companies and alliances.

Our leadership team.

Lincoln Payton
Chief Executive Officer
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Troy Martin
Chief Operating Officer
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Alex Thornton
Chief Technology Officer
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Dana Dohse
VP of Marketing
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Michael Grundmeyer
VP of Strategic Partnerships
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Patrick Davis
VP of Sales
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Angela Cross
Director of People
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Bobby Astrich
Head of Product
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Zach Livingston
Head of Customer Growth
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Our advisors.

Brian Lakamp
Strategic Advisor, Engineering and Technology
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Martin Wainstein
Strategic Advisor
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