Differentiate your renewable energy offerings with carbon services

Position your company as a trusted decarbonization advisor and attract priority customers

Enable your customers’ decarbonization journey

Your customers have lofty goals and are wading through evolving accounting standards and regulation. No matter where they are on their journey, equip your company to guide them.

Differentiate with carbon-aware energy sales

Carbon is the newest variable businesses need to account and optimize for. Get out in front of the demand for low or zero-carbon energy paired with reliable, auditable carbon data.
Appeal to sustainability minded customers

Priority customers are looking to make an impact. Give them the data they need to not only meet their climate goals, but also to back up their ESG claims.

Model future purchases to optimize impact

Become their carbon partner. Inform decision making with scenario modeling based on cost and carbon impact vs your customer business goals.

Develop next-gen products

Lead the energy transition instead of following your peers. Differentiate your products with next-generation analytics around 24/7 renewables/CFE, additionality, emissionality, and more.

Engage your customers around carbon

Provide your customers with a reliable, auditable energy tracing portal.

Increase customer lifetime value

Increase stickiness and share of wallet with existing customers when you lead them on their journey to transform their energy procurement.

Automate proof of energy delivery

Untraceable electrons? Not anymore. Provide an auditable digital trail of carbon mitigation from your customers’ clean energy purchases.

Make their reporting effortless

Reduce customer OpEx with reports designed to align with their goals, which are in accordance with major accounting standards.

Manage REC lifecycle and track RPS compliance

Centralize your RECs/EACs so you can track adherence to RPS standards, assign certificates across customers and programs, and streamline reporting across the REC/EAC lifecycle.

Getting started with Cleartrace

Getting started with Cleartrace is simple. With a dedicated data concierge team and proven process, you’ll always know you’re on the right track. And once you’re live, support is just a click away.

Enable your sales force with carbon intelligence

Help your customers understand the price and carbon tradeoffs and proactively manage their climate goals.

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