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S3 E1

Evolving Nuclear Power and Its Role in Decarbonization with Westinghouse’s Dr. Rita Baranwal

In this episode, host Lincoln Payton speaks with Dr. Rita Baranwal, Senior Vice President at Westinghouse Electric Company, who leads the company's work around its AP300 Small Modular Reactor. She discusses with Lincoln the growth of small modular reactors (SMRs) as a pathway to growing nuclear power adoption, the rigorous regulatory framework surrounding nuclear plant deployments, and the critical role that this power source can play in the decarbonization journey. 

S2 E19

Pioneer Portrait: Inside Jan Pepper’s Push to Provide 24/7 Renewable Energy for Californians

Clean energy doesn't have to cost more. California electricity supplier Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) is charting a path to supply 24/7 renewable electricity in northern California that is competitive today and less expensive in the long run compared to typical utility electricity offerings. How is the company getting there? On this episode of The Decarbonization Race, renewable energy pioneer and PCE CEO Jan Pepper joins Lincoln to explain it all, including the genesis of PCE’s ambitious strategy to supply 100% renewable energy matched hourly to its customer base by 2025.

S2 E18

Energy Minute: A Shift Towards Mandatory Due Diligence on Sustainability in the EU

In this Energy Minute episode, Dana Dohse and Steven Goldman jump into the European Union's Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Direction (or CS3D for short) recently passed by the European Parliament. While the CS3D is not a regulation -- meaning member states will have several years to develop their own respective national laws on implementing the directive -- it still holds significant weight, and will impact both EU-headquartered companies as well as non-EU firms exporting goods via the EU or with significant operations in the EU.

S2 E16

Building (and Rebuilding) for Net Zero with Architect Lori Ferriss

On this episode of the Decarbonization Race, Lincoln Payton dives deep into the world of sustainable architecture with architect Lori Ferriss, who’s worked across her career to square sustainability, historic preservation and aesthetic concerns in cities swimming in history, like Boston. 

S2 E15

Energy Minute: The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive Ups the Ante on ESG Disclosures

On this Energy Minute episode, Dana Dohse and Steven Goldman take a deep dive into the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) that will be taking effect in the European Union in 2024. Under the new legislation, aligning with Paris climate goals and ensuring ethical supply chains will not longer be voluntary practices for proactive risk management. 

S2 E14

Energy Minute: Appetite for Hydrogen is Booming, But How Do We Ensure It’s Green?

In this Energy Minute, Dana Dohse and Steven Goldman explore the complex world of hydrogen and the efforts to ensure its production is sustainable and decarbonized. They discuss the challenges of transitioning from grey to green hydrogen, the debate over how incentives should be structured to avoid decarbonizing the grid, and some of the ways hydrogen fits into the overarching goal of decarbonizing heavy industries.

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