Cleartrace and Partner to Accelerate Outcome-Based Support of Clean Energy

Partnership Unites Market-Leading Energy & Carbon Analytics with High-Impact RECs & Tax Credits

Cleartrace is excited to partner with, a leading marketplace for high-impact RECs and clean energy tax credits that help accelerate the transition to renewable energy. 

The joint offering pairs Cleartrace’s energy tracking and carbon intelligence platform – which uses hourly energy and emissions tracking to automate the tracking of impact-based accounting and other market leading accounting methodologies – with the ability to meet 100% renewable energy goals through’s impact-focused Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) purchase agreements (RPAs) and impact investing via clean energy tax credits.

Together, and Cleartrace’s offerings make it easier for companies to optimize price against performance attributes such as additionality and emissionality, and minimize any price premium for that performance.

Buying RECs often offers limited visibility into the carbon impacts of those certificates and to what extent they avoid emissions. Companies are looking to decarbonize their operations with certainty that they are driving the development of new renewable energy projects and impacting the grids they operate on.

“To date, clean energy customers have lacked end-to-end tools they can use to evaluate, source and track impact-focused procurements,” said Zach Livingston, Cleartrace Head of Customer Growth. “Together, Cleartrace and cracked that code, offering a complete solution to the market that moves buyers from evaluation to transaction to accounting and tracking of high-quality, targeted certificates.” 

Cleartrace’s platform offers users a robust solution to quantify their carbon impact and renewable energy performance across energy consumption and energy generation, both on-site and off-site. Cleartrace also provides scenario analysis tools that help customers evaluate different decarbonization options through multiple performance lenses, in order to help them compare and align on what solutions are best for them and their goals.

“We are excited to partner with Cleartrace and enable more companies to accelerate the transition to renewable energy,” said Michael Leggett, Head of Product. “Cleartrace helps companies to go even further with robust tools including time-based tracking used for impact accounting and 24/7 carbon-free energy.” de-risks and fractionalizes renewable energy procurement, making it accessible for companies of all sizes. By aggregating demand, is able to offer tax credit investments as small as $1M and RPAs custom-fit to each customer as small as 1,000 MWh for 5-years with no energy price risk. Tax credits offer an opportunity to help new projects and earn a profit while RPAs remove price volatility seen in typical VPPAs and provide companies with the ability to fix long-term costs.

Working with Cleartrace and, customers will gain access to RPAs and tax credits powered by projects meeting their impact-sourcing approach. In addition, customers will gain detailed reporting that enables them to refine their impact-based sourcing approach over time, access tools to measure progress towards 100% RE or 24/7 CFE goals, and automate gathering of auditable data for ESG and sustainability reporting.

About Cleartrace: Cleartrace illuminates previously unseen data for renewable energy buyers and suppliers, delivering 100% traceable and actionable hourly energy and carbon records. The platform is trusted by the world’s most reputable companies, including JPMorgan Chase, Iron Mountain, Brookfield Properties, and Brookfield Renewable. To learn more about Cleartrace’s offerings, visit

About is a clean energy project funding and tax credit marketplace that empowers businesses of all sizes to participate in the energy transition, meet their sustainability goals, and make a financial return. Through, companies can purchase tax credits at a discount and commit to forward contracts for high-impact Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that help stand up new clean energy projects.’s marketplace includes streamlined due diligence, filing, and compliance monitoring services to reduce risks and maximize efficiency for all parties. Learn more at