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The Cleartrace Platform

At ClearTrace™, we’re building a truly connected energy world through technology that empowers trust, transparency, and security. We turn energy production and consumption information into data rich, digital energy assets that represent the true value and carbon intensity of every electron you produce and/or consume.

Our cloud-based SaaS solution enables stakeholders to track, trace, match and manage their clean energy footprint while simplifying data-driven attestation of sustainability goals and mandates.


Who we work with

Enterprise Company

Enterprises with
ESG Goals

While sustainability goals have become the norm, being a true leader in sustainability now requires proving those claims with hard data. ClearTrace provides an auditable accounting of your energy and carbon footprint in real time across your complex energy and environmental portfolio. We make corporate reporting easier and more efficient by creating a unified data layer that connects on-site renewable energy, off-site third-party supply, and demand-side information. Additionally, connect your existing applications seamlessly to our external API to remove data silos and build interoperability.

Renewable Energy Suppliers

Renewable Energy Suppliers

Energy consumers are demanding stronger visibility of the time, location, source, and environmental characteristics of their third-party energy supply. At ClearTrace, we work with energy suppliers to deliver new and differentiated solutions for your customers resulting in stronger consumer engagement and improved relationships. With our seamless integration, your customers can have a provable 24/7 load-matched renewable and carbon-free energy supply. Simultaneously, receive improved visibility of your contractual obligation for delivery of green power.

Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate

The commercial real estate sector is facing significant pressure to decarbonize and reduce energy consumption. ClearTrace integrates with your existing building management systems to match on-site generation and off-site procurement of renewables with your portfolio, building, and tenant load in real time. Our technology helps improve decision making, verify emissions reduction, combine load flexibility and grid interactivity with decarbonization strategies, and lower overall risk to potential fines and regulation.