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  • Stephen_Gallagher
    "Cleartrace’s next-generation renewable tracking platform, powered by blockchain technology, enables Brookfield Renewable to deliver our clients superior clean energy solutions featuring enhanced transparency and auditability. 24/7 carbon-free energy is the new leadership standard for proof of impact according to major brands like JP Morgan Chase, AES, Google, and Microsoft."
    Stephen Gallagher
    Chief Commercial Officer
    Brookfield Renewable
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Cleartrace empowers 24/7 clean energy transition at Iron Mountain.

Iron Mountain proactively recognized that their data center service was a key component of their customers’ Scope 2 emissions footprint and associated decarbonization goals. Accordingly, they set out to establish proof of their decarbonization to ultimately benefit not only their own business, but also their customers’.

Take the first step toward understanding the carbon impact of your energy portfolio.

Whether it is annually, quarterly, monthly or hourly, Cleartrace can help you get the data you need to prove your progress toward decarbonization.

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