Cleartrace Supplies the Data Backbone for Iron Mountain’s Innovative 24/7 CFE Solution

Iron Mountain proactively recognized that their data center service was a key component of their customers’ Scope 2 emissions footprint and associated decarbonization goals.  Accordingly, they set out to establish proof of their decarbonization to ultimately benefit not only their own business, but also their customers.

Iron Mountain Building

The challenge

Data centers and cloud computing represent our planet’s fastest-growing energy consumption sectors. The International Energy Agency found that global data center electricity use in 2022 was 240-340 terawatt-hours (TWh) excluding cryptocurrency mining – around 1-1.3% of global final electricity demand – making it a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (Source: International Energy Agency).

As a major owner/operator of data centers, Iron Mountain set out to move its facilities from 100% renewable energy purchased annually to a significantly more ambitious goal, 24/7 carbon-free energy (CFE) – to be sure each hour of electricity used came from renewable resources and have greater impacts decarbonizing the grids where they operate.

To map and understand its progress towards this target, the company needed a solution to track and inform its carbon accounting and renewable energy purchasing to better track and manage their clean energy usage.

Iron Mountain map

The Right Tool

Cleartrace is supporting Iron Mountain’s sustainability ambitions across 100+ of the company’s U.S. facilities - data centers, as well as document and fine art storage facilities - by assisting Iron Mountain and its partners in tracking and matching its clean energy sourcing with its electricity consumption and related carbon emissions - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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    Businesses today are increasingly focused on decarbonizing across their full value chain. As a critical component of our customers’ supply chain we are able to demonstrate our ability to help them achieve their carbon reduction goals through transactions like these
    Chris Pennington
    Director of Energy and Sustainability
Iron Mountain Data Centerss

The Path

The hourly data supplied by Cleartrace’s platform is helping Iron Mountain work towards sourcing 100% load-matched renewables and minimizing the carbon footprint of its data centers and other facilities.

Learn more about this innovative partnership, bringing together Iron Mountain with Microsoft and Google, power providers RPD Energy and NRG, and Cleartrace providing the transparency and proof for Iron Mountain’s 24/7 CFE offering.

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