Data Centers

Iron Mountain’s Innovative 24/7 CFE Solution Lightens Its Data Center Customers’ Carbon Emissions Load, Serving 100+ U.S. Facilities

24/7 carbon-free energy (CFE) as a strategy is often looked at as near-impossible, or at least unaffordable–but Iron Mountain recently announced a landmark deal that is poised to challenge the skeptics. Iron Mountain’s innovative 24/7 CFE solution for data center customers–in partnership with RPD Energy, Direct Energy and Cleartrace–is providing a strong model, backed by […]
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Iron Mountain: Playing The Long Game Against Climate Change

Decarbonizing the energy grid is a global imperative in the race to mitigate climate change. Companies across all sectors are galvanized to go sustainable, setting big goals to reduce emissions and commit to clean power. Every business has a unique sustainability strategy. Many organizations hire dedicated sustainability teams to interpret emission metrics and manage their […]
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