Become the architect of your customers’ clean energy journey.

If you don’t have the tools and data energy consumers need to proactively decarbonize, you will miss out on the next massive market opportunity.

Get a blueprint to guide your customers’ decarbonization strategy.

Your customers have lofty goals and are wading through accounting standards and evolving regulation. No matter where they are on their journey, equip your company to guide them.

Lead the new market.

Carbon is the newest variable businesses need to account for. Get out in front of the demand with reliable, auditable energy data.
Develop products specifically for 24/7

Get the data you need to track, trace, match and manage carbon free energy

Provide decarbonization leadership

Educate and lead your customers on their journey to meet their sustainability goals and decarbonize their operations.

Prove your impact

Protect your reputation and your customers’. Enhance credibility of PR claims with immutable carbon emissions data.

Attract and retain priority customers.

With so many companies rushing to make sustainability promises, position yourself to help them meet those goals, proactively.

Appeal to sustainability minded customers

Differentiate your clean energy products with improved trust and transparency from traceable proof of delivery in a visual dashboard.

Increase customer lifetime value

Increase stickiness and share of wallet with existing customers when you lead them on their journey to transform their renewable energy procurement.

Automate proof of energy delivery

Untraceable electrons? Not anymore. Provide a digital audit trail of carbon mitigation from your customers’ clean energy purchases.

Make their reporting a breeze

Reduce customer OPEX on their GHG and carbon reporting with dashboards and reports available at any interval (hourly, daily, monthly, annually) and geography.

Improve internal operations.

Tired of spreadsheets, data silos, and email back and forth? It’s time to digitally transform your operations with near real-time, granular energy data.
Simplify REC management

Digitally certify, register & retire generated energy and renewable energy credits (RECs) across your entire portfolio.

Streamline carbon accounting

Reduce GHG & carbon accounting costs by centralizing and standardizing your energy data and reporting.

Digitize carbon asset management

Identify new revenue streams with full digital oversight of supply assets, agreements, and customer load.

  • Alec_Saltikoff
    We leverage Cleartrace to provide surety and auditability of our renewable energy portfolio. Cleartrace aligns best-in-class distributed ledger technology and data visualizations with the inevitable need for digital certificates of authenticity and environmental impact.
    Alec Saltikoff
    Global Head of Sustainability,

    JP Morgan Chase

Take the first step toward understanding the carbon impact of your energy portfolio.

Whether it is annually, quarterly, monthly or hourly, ClearTrace can help you get the data you need to prove your progress toward decarbonization.

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