Climate Accounting
as a Service

Verifiably match your company’s energy demand to generation sources, hour by hour and MWh by MWh.

Climate Accounting Software as a Service

How It works

ClearTrace creates a secure connection to your smart metering devices on both the generation and demand side. We meter everything from large-scale renewables to mixed-use building submetering, and connect seamlessly with your existing data providers.
Once connected, ClearTrace receives data from the device, transforms the incoming data to ClearTrace’s unified data model, and loads it into the system.
Data records are then enriched with valuable meta data, such as local emission rates, market data, price data, weather and more.
These enriched data records are migrated into non-fungible digital assets used for internal retirement and claim, or for a transaction to another party.
Connect to energy generation and consumption sources.
Stream data to a centralized secure location.
Enrich data with valuable environmental meta data.
Deliver data for reconciliation or trade.

Together this process creates an immutable audit trail across your energy supply chain enabling a truly digital and connected means of reporting, audit, and compliance.

ClearTrace Capabilities

  • Unification of data across on-site renewables, off-site renewable procurement (including environmental attributions such as RECs), and demand-side data
  • Creation of data-rich digital assets that include source, time, location, and environmental characteristics for every hour of energy you produce or consume
  • Traceable energy source tracking across a generation portfolio.
  • 24/7 load matching with renewables
  • Grid mix tracking
  • Tokenization of environmental attributes such as RECs and carbon with data links to associated ISO and GATS registry functions
  • Data-driven attestation and immutable audit trail for proof of corporate mandates associated with renewable energy and emissions reductions