Carbon-accounting startup Cleartrace raises $4M

Carbon accounting might not quite be a dinner table topic right now. But as the world feels more pressure to slow the pace of climate change, governments and corporations alike are exploring how to measure carbon footprints.

Austin startup Cleartrace has built its business around this emerging sector with a platform that helps companies monitor and audit their energy consumption, as well as what it might generate. On Dec. 15, it announced it has raised $4 million in venture backing from Boston-based Clean Energy Ventures. Other firms in on the round included Brookfield Renewable Partners and Clean Energy Venture Group. That brings its total raised to $5.7 million.

“Our goal is to accelerate the decarbonization of human activity and increase the adoption of sustainable and renewable energy through a technology platform that is fully automated, immutable and verifiable,” Cleartrace CEO Lincoln Payton said in a statement. “We have built the energy data system for the future.”

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