Take the guesswork out of meeting your decarbonization goals

Get the data and insights you need to build a strategic decarbonization plan. Start with a baseline and build from there.

Plan your journey towards meeting your carbon goals

Meeting your sustainability goals doesn’t need to be a black box. Whether you are buying PPAs or just starting to think about RECs, Cleartrace can help you understand your current state and then help you evolve your energy procurement to meet your goals.

Authenticate your sustainability claims

The reputation risk of unsubstantiated sustainability claims is real. Get the data you need to prove and manage your decarbonization goals.
Trace where your electrons are coming from

Untraceable electrons? Not anymore. Illuminate unseen energy data and trace it back to the source.

Centralize and digitize your scope 2 emissions reporting

Tired of managing spreadsheets and PPAs all over the place? Unify and standardize your energy data

Prove operational emissions claims

Near real-time load matching data illuminates your true carbon footprint.

Optimize your climate action

Grid offtake can vary greatly from node to node. The first step to delivering carbon free energy is to measure your current consumption – so you can take steps to offset and deduct to meet your goals.

Only buy the energy you need

Buy the energy RECs that help you the most and most closely match your load.

Get complete transparency for your PPAs

Make proactive energy decisions to optimize energy procurement.

Stop the risk of “rounding errors”

Predictably manage electricity costs and carbon liabilities though precise, time-series energy data.

Future-proof your energy strategy

Be ready for changes in customer preferences, regulation, and investor preferences by future-proofing your carbon data management strategy
Be ready for changing standards

Move from annual, portfolio-wide reporting to any desired interval (hourly, daily, monthly, etc.) or geography.

Proactively manage your carbon liability

Manage reputation and financial risks with auditable proof.

Showcase your market leadership

Differentiate your company with sustainability leadership.

Stop focusing on data and start focusing on positive change.

Whether it is annually, quarterly, monthly or hourly, Cleartrace can help you get the data you need to prove your progress toward decarbonization.

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